Sunday, 5 August 2012

Heart river in north dakota

the heart river in north dakota
This is one of the most amazing river in the world. It is shaped like a river, there is a lot of greenery around the river but it's water makes a heart which is so amazing thing.

           It is situated near Mandan, North Dakota

           It was first discovered in 1949.

           It is joined by the Green River at Gladstone, and turns east-southeastward into Grant County, passing through Lake Tschida, which is formed by the Heart Butte Dam. Below this dam, the river turns northeastward into Morton County, where it joins the Missouri at Mandan.(lines copied by


Unknown said...

The Heart River looks nothing like this. Photoshop.

syed daud said...

Dear, You are absolutely wrong if you think that heart river is not looks like that. It is the upper view of heart river and I sure that you never see it from aeroplane or from another upper view. PLEASE visit this link if you want more confirmation.

Thanks and regards.

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syed daud said...

Thank you sir for giving this information, I hope this message will convey to public through your comment,
Thanks and Regards,


sonia said...

Is this river man made or natural???

syed daud said...

Dear Sonia, this river existed naturally...!

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